Snail’s pace of investigation in Larisa does not give much hope, crooked prosecutor left in charge of investigating own crimes. Greek justice system is one long horror story.

Have received the official paper asking me to testify on October 24th at Larisa court about the many crimes committed against me. I just hope half an hour is enough. Still, it’s taken one and a half years and with constant effort to get this far in spite of having evidence like an email and handwritten note from my then lawyer that an attempt was made to bribe him in April 2015.




When it came to summoning me to the police station to intimidate me into taking down blog posts exposing corruption, the Larisa prosecutors acted the same day. But when it comes to questioning me about murder attempts made against me, it can wait another couple of weeks. The thinking seems to be since I have had to wait 18 months, why not waste my time and money even more and make me wait another 18 months.

In short, there is still no sign that the Greek justice system really takes the crimes committed against me seriously or are respecting my right to speedy justice or information. It is not clear at all whether the essential witnesses will be questioned. It’s impossible for me to get any information on what the hell is going on. 

Typically, the authoritarian first prosecutor Dimitra Papachristou, who colluded in the cover up and in setting me up for a lethal penalty from the beginning, is still in charge.

It just beggars belief that the Areios Pagos has left the very woman who is at the heart of the crime gang in Larisa court in charge of investigating her own crimes. The first prosecutor i.e. Papachristou is mentioned as the contact person in a Ministry of Interior letter in September 2015, laying out the plan to suppress essential witnesses, invent a fake person and question the two culprits not under oath.

If I am killed here, you will know who did it. The crooked Greek judges and government in collusion with the crooked Orthodox clergy.


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