A picture of Tsipras’ corrupt judge Vasiliki Thanou laughing all the way to the bank, the James Comey of Greece

A picture of Supreme Court President Vasiliki Thanou and Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday when the crooked judge proposed raising the retirement age so she can stay in office and protect the rampant criminality of Tsipras longer.



Tsipras was delighted with the idea and even proposed a possible pay raise for top judges like Thanou.

The opposition accused Thanou and the other judges of doing a secret deal with Tsipras. It looks like they were right. There is now no more doubt Thanou is the person covering up the crimes in Larisa and setting me up for a lethal penalty.

Afraid of public opinion, she is trying to keep up the appearance of an investigation but even that appearance is wearing thin since she gave the very person implicated in the cover up the job of investigating her own cover up, something that is unheard of and contradicts every principle of objectivity.

Thanou has picked the wrong person to trick and lie to for 18 months. She has picked the wrong person to set up for a de facto murder attempt by her henchmen in Larisa under the pretext of luring me to the court for justice. She will end up in jail herself for her crimes along with her Globalist paymaster Tsipras.


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