Bill Clinton accuser says Hillary personally threatened her

What can I say, dear readers of this blog? I sure do sympathize with these rape victims of Bill Clinton and other victims of justice systems rigged by Globalist special interests.

I am also a victim of a rigged justice system and the Globalists also want to kill me for opposing them and for exposing their crime. This is not a conspiracy theory or paranoia. This is documented. It is a fact. It is now a fact, too, that the puppet of Globalists George Soros and Alexis Tsipras at the highest court in Greece, the Areios Pagos president Vasiliki Thanou, is involved in that attempt to cover up the original crime and set me up for murder.

The Globalists and their associates are sociopaths and pyschopaths.  They are conscienceless killers, soulless rapists and enablers of rape like Bill and Hillary Clinton. And their ultimate target is you as my continuous exposure of their global epidemic vaccine plans proves.

It is absolutely possible, yes, even likely, Bill and Hillary Clinton will kill their rape victims if they have the power, which they will have if Hillary is elected president, albeit it only for a short time. The Globalist control of the public is over.

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