New WikiLeaks dump shows Hillary’s control of the media

Check out an Infowars video on the latest Wikileaks data dump showing the staggering extent to which Hillary Clinton colludes with the media to control the message the American people receive about her. It turns out she even receives the answers for media interviews in advance.

Wikileaks: Stunning Collusion Between Media & Hillary Revealed

If  Globalists like the Clintons and Alexis Tsipras cannot buy journalists, like they cannot buy me, they try to kill them. Look at my documented, verifiable experiences just in Greece.

And then, when they fail to kill a  journalist the first time around, Globalists like Tsipras rig the justice system under their crony judges like Supreme Court President Vasiliki Thanou and her accomplice Xenia Dimitriadou to try to do it again and again.

In fact, Thanou and Dimitriadou should be put up for treason as well as perversion of justice and attempted murder. The pair of crooks have betrayed her country, betrayed all the people who benefit from my information about Globalist financial and other crimes.

Put Tsipras, Thanou and Dimitriadou in prison, Greece!

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