Donald Trump is the target of a slanderous, coordinated and vicious attack on his character.

I sympathize with him. I have also been subjected to a slander and libel by the homicidal Abbess Theodekti and her henchwoman Theoniki as a new written witness statement proves.

Theodekti and Theoniki claimed that the bruises I received from their physical assault, which were documented by the police, were due to my own self harming, mental instability, suicidal tendencies and drunkenness in a statement to the police not made under oath.

But now a witness has come forward to set the record straight once and for all. It defies common sense anyway to believe that someone who writes a blog as powerful as mine that George Soros personally reads it, copies from it and targets me, can be anything but very stable.

Kirsten Funke, who was in a monastery room beside mine, has written a statement for the court confirming I was never drunk, self harmed myself or have any suicidal tendencies.

This is the same Kirsten Funke who received an email from my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos admitting Theodekti had attempted to bribe him and he reported it to the police that same day.

I have given this new evidence to the Areios Pagos judges Vasiliki Thanou and Xenia Dimitriadou and to Larisa court. When I went to Larisa court, I was told these two vital pieces of evidence had been put into a new and separate file on the orders of the Areios Pagos, that is to say, removed from my case and suppressed.

This is her statement in Greek.


The English translation is as follows:
Testimony for the court case of Jane Burgermeister, resident in Larissa, Plapouta 1, against Gerontissa Theodekti, resident in the monastery of St John the Forerunner, 4003 East Agia.

J Burgermeister wrote that the accused, G. Theodekti and Ad. Theoniki, explained in their testimonies that the marks caused by physical abuse on her body that a coroner reported after J. Burgermeister had left the monastery, could be something Jane caused to herself: Theodekti and Theoniki stated that J. Burgermeister used to get drunk and then hurt herself. I know that this is not true. 

J Burgermeister and I met when we visited the monastery of St. George (Karaiskaki, 43060, Karditsa). My room was right next to hers, so we were able to witness each other’s everyday routine for quite some time. 

I declare with the present document that I have never seen J. Burgermeister hurting herself. The nuns of St. George’s monastery can verify it. 

I don’t generally support everything J. Burgermeister says and we are not close friends. I write this because I happen to know it is not true: J. Burgermeister never used to hurt herself. Jane also wrote that novice Garyfallia told the police J. Burgermeister wanted to commit suicide. I never heard such a thing from her. Suicidal behavior is not typical at all for Jane. I suppose such a thing would justify the sudden call for forcible confinement in a psychiatric clinic, which seems strange and impressive since J. Burgermeister intended to leave the monastery with 18.000 euros in cash. 

This is the email to Kirsten Funke in which my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulou admits Theodekti tried to bribe him to cover up her murderous crime and he reported it to the police the same day. But all police records of this bribery attempt in Larisa have vanished.




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