Vasiliki Thanou: The Roland Freisler of Greece. The top judge is a cold blooded killing instrument of Alexis Tsipras’ political opponents

Top Greek judge Vasiliki Thanou has turned the Supreme Court into an instrument for the  killing and annihilation of political opponents and journalists critical of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Under her, the Greek courts and police have now become part of the vast rigged  justice systems run by the Globalists like Alexis Tsipras and George Soros who can even try to murder someone in broad daylight with impunity. This is now a fact proven by my case, not theory.

And it’s a very dangerous development that needs to be checked by a parliamentary investigation. The method used to kill me can be used to kill anyone in Greece or indeed anywhere.

We have seen how Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton rigged the justice system in the USA to avoid conviction for their rapes and for running a secret shadow government for special interests and personal donors.

It has emerged that Bill Clinton enjoys an especially friendly relationship with Tsipras. Maybe, Clinton actually advised Tsipras on how to rig the investigation to dispatch me? After all, one of Bill Clinton’s biggest donors George Soros is proven to read my blog and is the prime suspect.

Soros is also the single biggest donor of Hillary Clinton and held a private meeting with her in 2010 when she was the head of the state department as part of the Clinton’s cash for favours programme.

Anyway, any reader who thinks our justice systems are not rigged by the Globalists should just read all the documents related to my case.

The method can easily be repeated on different political opponents, journalists or critics of the Globalists.

Imagine a scenario like this.

You are shot in broad daylight in front of about twenty people on a busy town square because you are a journalist who exposes the crimes of the likes George Soros and Alexis Tsipra. The assassins even shout out in front of the witnesses “This is because of your blog” as they shoot you. By a fluke, you survive. The bullets are deflected by, say, a stainless steel Ipad cover.

You file charges together with a lawyer and a police doctor documents your gun shot wounds.

The police and prosecutors then conspire to suppress evidence from the twenty witnesses on the square. There is even video footage of the incident but the police hide it.

They ask only the two culprits who shot you to testify not under oath. These two culprits say you mentally unstable, suicidal and have a habit of shooting yourself to avoid conviction. You are deceived by the police and prosecutors, who try to make you think a proper investigation is going on and lured to a trial of the two culprits where there is nothing in the file, virtually, apart from the two statements of the culprits that you are crazy. Under an emergency law, you are immediately forcibly confined and killed in a pyschiatric unit and your murder reframed as suicide.

You uncover this vast conspiracy twice. The top Supreme Court judges give the same prosecutors and police who are guilty of a criminal cover up, their own crime to investigate. We are back to square one.

That is my case in essence.

If Supreme Court top dogs Vasiliki Thanou and Xenia Dimitriadou get away with killing me like this, no one in Greece is safe. This method can be used to kill people in broad daylight anywhere and then, if the victim survives, to dispatch them. Any critic of Alexis Tsipras can be killed like this with total impunity by a politicized and corrupted justice system.

I am going to ask the Greek parliament to investigate the murder attempt made against me and the vast cover up  by the top judges at the Supreme Court Vasiliki Thanou and Xenia Dimitriadou as well as to investigate Alexis Tsipras. I can prove that Tsipras is reader of my blog and I allege he is the person who has the motive and means to keep trying to kill me using a network of hired assassins hidden in the apparatus of the state, which he can influence as Prime Minister.

A really serious crime, a murder attempt, was committed against me in April 2015 in Greece and the Greek parliament has to take this seriously, especially because I am a journalist investigating matters in the public interest and a foreigner. Foreigners also have rights in Greece under Greek law.

The Greek parliament has to take seriously the evidence of extreme and dangerous corruption at the Supreme Court and that Tsipras is at the heart of an attempt to turn the justice system into a machine for killing his political opponents. There is no point in asking Vasiliki Thanou and Xenia Dimitriadou to investigate their own crimes because they won’t. Other crony Tsipras judges also won’t investigate their crimes.

That leaves only the Greek parliament to control this rampant crime gang in the countries highest court at this point in time. Until Vasiliki Thanou retires or is forced to resign, she will do everything she can to cover up her crimes and the crimes of those under her.

I will file charges against her and Alexis Tsipras because at some point they will no longer have the power to cover up their crimes, and they will be held to account.

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