Boris Johnson wrote secret pro EU article two days before backing Brexit after polls showed growing support

Boris Johnson wrote a secret article arguing Britain should remain in the EU just two days after declaring himself for Brexit in an article, paving him to be declared the leader of the movement by the mainstream media.

Johnson’s decision to back Brexit seems to have been triggered by polls in February showing a rise in support for Britain leaving the EU.

Johnson is trying to spin his secret article written for the Daily Telegraph as a purely personal exercise in weighing the pros and cons. But the two articles show  he was preparing to back both horses, ready to change when he thought Brexit had an advantage in a pattern typical of controlled opposition and a false flag leader.

Johnson’s unpublished article rehearsed warnings that Brexit could lead to an economic shock, Scottish independence and Russian aggression, all the talking points of the Globalists.

The revelation that Johnson was making a calculated bid to take over the leadership of a campaign he did not really believe in as it gathered pace will fuel calls for him to resign as Foreign Secretary.

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