Well, the Areios Pagos in Athens has sent the deputy public prosecutor Anna Zairee to Larisa to handle my case, I was told today, in what may be a hopeful sign.

She arrived yesterday and is due to leave tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Anna Zairee seems to be involved in investigating bankster Andreas Vgenopoulos as well as the reason why the trial into the Siemens bribery scandal was stopped on the technicality that the accused hadn’t be informed of the charges within the required timeframe because the several volume indictment had not been translated into their several mother languages (surely a very pedantic and very bizarre interpretation of laws requiring the accused to be informed of the charges?).

I asked to speak to her this morning but she was too busy. It is to be hoped she is busy trying to find out what the hell is going on with my case, something that will require time. The vast and ever growing number of phantom file numbers make it very hard even for me to be able locate the real case, in the meantime, let alone know what that real case contains.

Every time I pay the 50 euro fee to become a party to a file, (a technical requirement in Greece to access a file even though I am the victim), a new file is created. That means I have to pay a new fee to access the new file. But no sooner do I do that, then yet another new file is created in a process of apparently infinite regression, which puts the actual file ever beyond my reach.

I was told the same thing today by Larisa court officials, namely, I could not access new files 644 and 647 because I was not a party, and was suing them???? I gleaned that not a single new witness had been questioned and there was no intention to question any.

After being blocked in all my inquiries, and treated with extreme hostility, I found out by persistent questioning that a prosecutor from the Areios Pagos had arrived and was ensconsced on the third floor.  But attempts to make contact with her proved fruitless as she was very busy (understandable if she really is trying to get to the bottom of the entire mess)

I was told, I may be able to speak to her about my case tomorrow. I left my phone number

I hope Anna Zairi makes it a priority to communicate with me, the victim, about what the hell is going on my case so that we can cooperate on getting it back on track to get  convictions for the main culprits.

Words, however, will not be enough. After all I have experienced, I will require written statements with lots of court stamps on them.

It should have been abundantly clear to the Areios Pagos that  to ask the vast number of prosecutors and police in Larisa to investigate their own crimes is beyond the realms of all probability. For them to wait weeks to send a prosecutor from Athens to find out what the Larisa officials are up to (namely, the usual no good) is incredible to me.

The court is out until I see in black and white the proper indictments against the accused in a single file with all the evidence pertaining to that crime in that one, single file and not scattered around countless other files.

It’s all very exhausting and at a historical time with so many new develops. Check out Infowars, Breitbart and Drudge Report to stay abreast of developments.

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