George Soros sends his Ukrainian hit squad plus Obama to Greece. Turkish leader meets with Wall Street, then starts claiming Greek territory. Is Greece the new hot region for a Globalist engineered proxy war with Russia?

George Soros puppet and the former US ambassador to Ukraine  Geoffrey Pyatt has just taken up his position in Athens. His accomplice in overthrowing the elected Ukrainian president and in installing a fascist dictator in Kiev to engineer a confrontation with Russia, Victoria Nuland, is  currently circling Greece and Cyprus like a vulture.

And today  Obama announced plans to come to Greece…

“Outgoing US President Barack Obama is expected to visit Athens on November 14 and 15, according to reports on Tuesday, in what will be his first visit to Greece, just two months before he steps down from the White House,” reports  Ekathimerini.

At the end of September Turkish leader Erdogan Recept met a host of Wall Street bankers in New York including James Rothschild and Pincus Chip Kaye, the head of Warburg Bank.

Erdogan was barely back from his visit to New York when he began making absurd public statements claiming the Greek islands, setting Turkey up for a confrontation with Greece.

Now, he has gone one step forward and started to claim Thessaloniki, Greece’s second biggest city which just couple of hours from Larisa. Erdogan has suddenly started making deliberate provocations., which seem to be designed to spark a war.

Are the Globalists trying to manufacture a confrontation between Greece and Turkey, which they can turn from a regional conflict into world conflagration at a time when their plans to ignite a world war three in Syria are faltering?

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