A report from Andrea Santander from Operacion Detengan la Vacuna.

Here, in Chile, there are many legal actions against the HPV vaccine. Some parents have joined to fill legal actions to stop the VP vaccinations on their children. The big
 pharma mafia has achieved that the Chilean government agreed to vaccinate 8  year old children with this risky vaccine.

 Just when my blog against the vaccines has reached the age of seven  years, we get this very good news, and Chilean courts have admitted some of those legal actions. We are waiting to see what happens, and IF chilean courts finally agree to stop vaccinations.

 At the same time, the big pharma-mafia has started a huge campaign on  media against “anti-vaccination movement”, calling us as “killers” just because we tell people not to accept this risky stuff.

 We are spreading the truth out there so people can see (with documents) that those doctors (“experts” in lies and deception) promoting  GARDASIL & CERVARIX vaccines are paid for both laboratories. The war  on vaccines started to a high level and big pharma is desperately trying to switch the course of their falling.

 Here you have some news on those legal actions.

This news says: “Court in Talca (a city from Chile) stopped VPH vaccine”

 My translation:

 A group of parents talks about the lack of information about adverse
 events and that accepting the vaccines must be voluntary. The Health
 Ministry said that vaccination is safe and announced that they refuse
 the court decision”

 “Grupo de apoderadas plantea que falta informar efectos adversos y que
 aplicación debe ser voluntaria. Ministerio de Salud enfatizó que la
 inoculación es segura y anunció que impugnarán el fallo”

 “The legal action presented by nurse Carmen Naranjo, and other 14
 women, asked the court to get informed of advantages and adverse
 effects of this vaccine as well, and to respect the choice to accept
 it or reject it”

“La acción, liderada por la técnico en enfermería, Carmen Naranjo, y
 otras 14 mujeres, solicitó a la corte que se informen las ventajas,
 así como los eventuales efectos adversos de esta vacuna, y que se
 respete su decisión de rechazarla o aceptarla”

 The legal actions on courts are ten at this moment.

 SO, it´s a great moment for us getting involved helping people to get
 the real information. The big pharma is lost.

 Now, we are giving support to a bunch of people who are pushing those
 legal actions in this country.

 There are many doctors paid by Merck and MSD to promote those vaccines
 and we are spreading the word about the real truth behind the scenes.

 For instance, there are one doctor, Andrea Schilling, promoting those
 vaccines as “marvellous” and “excellent” (regarding gardasil and
 cervarix…BUT…she “forgot” to mention that both laboratories are
 paying her, while she is saying she had NO conflicts of interest!!

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