The last debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton before Trump becomes president of the USA is set to take place this evening amid unprecedented attacks against the freedom of the media and speech.

During an appearance on CNN this morning, Congressman Chris Collins’ satellite feed was cut as soon as he began talking about Wikileaks.

The internet of Wikileaks editor Julian Assange was cut as soon as Wikileaks leaked secret transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s talks to the banker Goldman Sachs, revealing she plotted with them to destroy US sovereignty.

Assange is being smeared as paedophile by the Clinton’s, it seems, just as I am continuously smeared.

Russia Today has been told its bank accounts will be shut down by a British bank.

Google, the 1984’s Ministry of Truth, has announced its “fact” checking network to tell people what is true (as if they are objective and unbiased).

Barack Obama himself this week said the internet needs a curation function to stop the truth from getting out on the internet.

The curation function of Obama aka Soros has been taken over by Greek justice officials who will make sure I get a good cure in a Greek pyschiatric clinic for daring to tell the truth while smearing me as a crazy person, having an extended in zombie land Greece who seeks attention if they are not stopped by me. When Obama visits Greece next week, he should pay the Areios Pagos a visit and ask them how much they want in their offshore bank accounts for their services.

And believe me, dear readers, if the judges at the Areios Pagos think they can get away with it, they will let me be killed by the Globalists even for a few hundred euros extra in their bank accounts, and rationalize it all to themselves by smearing me as a zombie enjoying lolling on a Greek beach like the other Greek zombies, making a fortune from my blog (when I never go to the beach, have to do vast work and pay for everything my self).

But rationalizing their own crimes, is what all criminals do. Blame the victim is a method Hillary Clinton employed when she blamed a twelve year old raped so brutally she was left in a five day coma. That girl was also accused without any reason of being a fantasist enjoying the attention of older men by crooked Hillary without any proof.

The intensity of these attacks prove that the Globalists know they have lost control of the mind’s of people and also of the outcome of US elections. The Globalists will, no doubt,  try to steal the election by rigging the vote using also, it seems, a US company called Smartmatic, controlled by George Soros. But they will fail if voters in the USA are vigilant enough to document the fraud and force a recount as happened in Austria.

All power of eloquence to Trump as he faces off against crooked Hillary tonight!

If he fails to become President, we are heading for World War Three under a sick, dying Hillary with nothing existentially more to lose.

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