Am not giving statement in Larisa on Monday to crooked judges about fake, phantom case

Well, I have decided not to go on Monday morning to Larisa court to give any statement on the new cases 644 and 647. I don’t know what these cases are about. They look to me like a fake, phantom files designed to obstruct the course of justice in my central  case. Why should I waste my time giving a statement on a fake, new case?  I am not playing the rigged game of Alexis Tsipras’ crooked justice officials any longer.

I am focussing now only on my 18 month old case with different file numbers and the persistent perversion of justice by the crooked prosecutors in Larisa and Athens.

I have just sent an email to the Areios Pagos judges Vasiliki Thanou and Xenia Dimitriadou informing them I am not going to give a statement on Monday and explaining why I am no longer playing game with their fellow criminals in Larisa.

In violation of every rule, every principle of justice, Thanou and Dimitriadou assigned the investigation of a very serious murder attempt and cover up to the very same prosecutor proven to have been at the centre of that cover up. Of course, she has done nothing. It remains to be seen if Areios Pagos prosecutor Anna Zairi does anything either although she is supposed to be inspecting cases in Larisa right now, including my case.


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