Tsipras’ media smear judge ruling against TV licence corruption in new low

The private emails of a top judge have been published by media close to Alexis Tsipras’ Syriza in an apparent attempt to blackmail him at a time when he was set to rule on the constitutionality of TV licenses.


The e-mails are part of the private conversation of what seems to be an extramarital affair. Greek media allege the emails were intercepted by a state institution.

I bet it was the Interior Ministry which seems to be able to hack my blog at will.

The emails reveal a sorry story of a man giving favours and career breaks to his mistress, now a judge, too.

However, far worse than judges who help their girlfriends get a better job are judges who pass rulings that help to destroy the fabric of their country by greenlighting Tsipras unconstitutional power grab over the media.

The emails scandal has been given to the Areios Pagos to investigate. My case strongly suggests the Areios Pagos judges Vasiliki Thanou and chief prosecutor Xenia Dimitriadou are partisan crooks in the pocket of Tsipras, misusing justice to crush his political opponents, help kill his critics and cover up his crimes.

By stealing private emails and publishing them in Syriza media, the Tsipras circus has once more shown its criminal, thuggish face.


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