Do trials, difficulties and problems serve any purpose?

BASIL THE GREAT: The life of a just person is filled with stress and trials. . .  But God delivers those who are true from their afflictions. He does not give his followers a life without any trials. Rather, he gives them a capacity for patiently enduring those trials. You see, troubles create endurance, and endurance creates virtue. That means, anyone who is unwilling to face trials deprives themselves of the chance to gain a specially valuable tested and tried form of virtue. Just as no one in sports can win a contest and a victory crown without an opponent, in the same way no one can be declared tested in arena of life except through trials.


Sometimes, dear readers of this blog, I feel very, very fed up with my situation indeed. But at other times, I realize I just need to switch over my perspective and be thankful that I have had so many opportunities to develop and grow.

For sure, it is not comfortable to be in the crosshairs of  psychopathic Globalists like George Soros and Alexis Tsipras because this little blog has proven to be such effective opposition to their plans.


It is not pleasant  either to be targeted by crooked clergy and justice officials in Greece, although at least one senior judge at the  AthensState Council Court last week showed true honour by refusing to back down in opposing Tsipras’s media grab in spite of a blackmail threat. That man deserves a medal for integrity, paradoxical as it sounds. He put the good of the whole country before his self interest. He was ready to take the slings and arrows of a smear investigation into his personal affairs rather than betray millions and greenlight a new Joseph Goebbels private TV media complex, clearly designed to promote the cult of personality around would be dictator Tsipras.

Yes, these trials have not been pleasant but they have helped me to become a better person, a person with a much more real sense of God’s presence in our lives, of His help for us. Believe me, without God, I would not be alive seven years after exposing the swine flu scam.

Seen in this, the right, spiritual perspective, God and life have actually been very generous to me in giving me so many trials and opportunities to do good in the past few years. If I had billions of euros, I could not have bought with all that money such an interesting and meaningful few years. Only through them have  I made my peace with my Maker.

The Globalists, by contrast, are  at odds with God, and terrified of death, terrified of losing power, something which is a harbinger of their ultimate death as mortals who have not activated their eternal spirit. Worse, they have sold their souls to the Devil himself. Not for anything would I be in their shoes. For just as there is a real place of love and light and the presence of God called heaven, there is also a hell, where all these positive things are missing and an evil energy  holds sway.


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