My testimony to judge at Larisa court seemed to proceed in a regular, professional, serious manner this morning. It took so long (three hours), however, to testify on the many crimes of just one of the two cases, that I will go back tomorrow morning to finish the testimony, which will, incidentally, include testimony about George Soros and Alexis Tsipras.

I showed the judge proof that Soros and Tsipras read my blog and she found it very convincing, like everyone else who sees the proof.


The judge has pencilled in four hours for the second case on November 9th? concerning the corruption of prosecutors and judges.

I would like to say plainly on this blog that I am willing to make a deal with Greek justice officials.

In return for prosecuting, at least, the main culprits mentioned by me in case one today (to be finished tomorrow) in a speedy timeframe, I am ready to drop the charges against the rather large number of justice officials in Larisa and Athens (specifically, Efstathia Spyropoulou) to be dealt with in case two as long they pledge to conduct some kind of internal disciplinary measures against the offenders.

In return, I will also remove of my free will blog posts accusing justice officials of being politically motivated henchmen of Alexis Tsipras and Alexis Soros.

I think top Greek justice officials should review all the evidence and consider whether this is an avenue they wish to pursue after weighing all the advantages and disadvantages.

At any rate, I will testify about the prosecutors as planned and only withdraw my charges when I see evidence of some kind of serious investigation against the main offenders named in case one.

This is not an attempt to corrupt anyone but a “plea bargain” style attempt to deal with a real world situation and find a compromise.

For the sake of Greece, I believe prosecutors should use this golden opportunity to clap both Soros and Tsipras in jail. Tsipras presents himself in the controlled media as a fighter for the Greek people, but I allege he is liar, a crony corporate capitalist who is robbing and subjugating the country on behalf of Globalists like Soros.

If prosecutors manage to clap George Soros in jail, I am sure that the approval for Greece will sky rocket.

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