Another step taken in my case

Completed the second part of my testimony on one case at Larisa court today, including the evidence that George Soros and Alexis Tsipras read my blog. I allege they are the people with the motive, means and opportunity to organize the murder attempt made against me in Greece in April 2015 as well as the elaborate cover up designed in such a way as to set me up for a lethal penalty.

Will have the Greek checked tomorrow and then sign the testimony on Thursday morning when I will also hand in the evidence officially.

First prosecutor, Dimitra Papchristou is among the accused mentioned in the testimony, meaning by law she will not be able to investigate this case. It will have to be assigned to someone else.

Huge developments with two undercover videos  revealing tha Hillary Clinton was behind efforts of democrat operatives to incite violence at Dnald Trump rallies and commit “mass voter fraud.” 

Two democrat operatives, Robert Creamer and Scott Foval, have both been forced to resign as a result of their wrong doing captured on video.

Meanwhile, in Greece, Tsipras’ attack dog Minister Nikos Pappas is trying to bully Greek judges into accepting a TV licensing procedure which circumvents the constitutionally anchored TV watchdog.

Failing moral concern for Greek people, Pappas, who like Tsipras lives like royalty at the expense of local taxpayers with lavish trips to New York etc, claimed the money from the TV license auction would help the Greek people. Sickening. If Tsipras were to investigate the Lagarde list, it would bring in much more money. That list is packed with the names of  crooked and crony oligarchs precisely of the kind Tsipras wants to give a monopoly on private TV to.

But I have to focus on getting my case back on track. And who knows? Maybe with the twists and turns of fate, I might even manage to get George Soros and Alexis Tsipras clapped in jail?

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