Mount Athos: A place of confrontation between Russia and Globalist-controlled Greece

Sunny day in Ouranoupolis today. Boat trip to Mount Athos pencilled in tomorrow.

Vladimir Putin visited the Russian monastery, St Panteleimon,  on Mount Athos at the end of May to mark 1,000 years of monks at Mount Athos.

Russia and the Russian Orthodox church has partially left the Globalist’s New World Order while Greece under Alexis Tsipras and the Greek Orthodox church are Globalist agents.

In June, the Russian Orthodox church pulled out of a historical council on Crete, which was largely funded by the US State Department, over fears that the Greek church would use issues connected with harmonizing the administration of orthodox churches around the world to set up a central body and try to take control of it.

As a result Mount Athos with its Russian and Greek monasteries, such as Vatopedi, has become the focal point of a confrontation taking place around the world.

Some photos of this morning…

Perhaps a Vatopedi monk  busy studying the monastery’s alleged 200 million euro bank accounts returning to his tax haven lair after talking to bankers?


The main square…



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