The border of Mount Athos is better guarded than North Korea: my reconnaissance trip

This morning, I went to see the border fence between Greece and  Mount Athos, which is a different country, yes, a different type of state. It’s a theocracy. And it is protected by more security than North Korea.

I got almost to the end of a dirt track leading to woods where, I was told, there is a physical fence, a real border, guarded by Greek police. The facilities housing the border police are visible from the boat, but the fence itself is concealed by thick vegetation.

This is a picture of the track leading to the border of Mount Athos with a parked car at and a wild horse grazing.

road end.jpg


It’s a very rough track indeed running parallel to the beach. It’s marked with a red circle in this photograph.road-two

I didn’t go right to the end of the track, because yesterday, I found out that the fence on the 2 km long land border can be opened.


Clergy open it to let out, for example, Russian pilgrims desperate to catch their flights in the event they can’t leave the monastery by boat because of stormy weather. Apparantly the clergy take full advantage of the situation and charge 600 euros to drive pilgrims to the security fence so they can reach Ouranopolis (seen below)and catch their planes back to Moscow on time.beach.jpg

Anyway, if some secret gate in the security fence on the land boundary of Mount Athos can be opened to let desperate Russians out, it follows that same gate can also be opened to haul people in…My case in Larisa documents how the clergy are so intertwined with politicians, specifically Alexis Tsipras, that they are above the law.

One married, middle aged man in Larisa told me he was warned not to go Mount Athos because he could be raped by monks. After all I have experienced, I believe that is actually possible. My own case demonstrates how the crooked clergy and politicians have rigged the legal system in suc a way that they can operate with virtual impunity.

On the other side of that border fence, there is, I argue a lawless crime syndicate, which makes the Mafia look harmless. If anything, the heavily guarded borders are there to protect them as they go about their crimes on this secretive peninsula.

Mount Athos, it turns out, is even better guarded than the Vatican City and much vaster larger in scale. The Vatican is only half a square kilometre in size whereas Mount Athos is 330 square kilometres in size.

The sea borders are protected by a 500 meter exclusion zone.

Only pilgrims (male) who have obtained a special three day pass can go to Mount Athos and they must go by boat as the land border is closed to regular visitors. The boats take them to the main port of Dafnes where Greek police and customs officials check their IDs once more.

Once on the peninsula, pilgrims are subjected to a system of continuous identification and tracking. They have to spend each night in a different monastery arranged in advance. Most pilgrims also use a transport system, which costs money, I was told, to move between monasteries, themselves built like fortresses.

So, here we have the ultimate hypocrisy. The Greek Orthodox church and some Athos monks are calling for open borders, for Europe to accept an unprecedented, uncontrolled influx of millions of migrants, often radical Muslims with terrorist links. The Ecumenical Patriarch, the head of the Greek Orthodox church and Pope Francis along with Alexis Tsipras made a high profile visit to Lesbos in spring to promote open borders agenda of Globalists like George Soros.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I (Mount Athos is under his authority) condemned the “hard-heartedness” that saw borders closed to the migrants.

But when it comes to guarding their own borders, the same clergy have more security than North Korea and are more hard hearted than stones. Imagine charging desperate Russians 600 euros to drive them down the peninsula to get their planes?

Now, I get that the special status of Mount Athos as a monk’s state or republic is supposed to help the inhabitants make God the sole basis of their life, realize the divine in the arena of real life, in the field of reality. And I also recognize that there have been some monks like Father Porphyrios, who spent many years on a little Skete on Mount Athos before becoming a hospital chaplain in Athens, really was a man of fire, warmth, of genius and true faith. I realize that many of the monks and pilgrims may also be people of true faith. Who knows? There may even be entire monasteries whose communities actually do try to live according to Christian principles marooned behind their fortress like walls and gates in this peninsula filled with the bases of crime gangs.

But most of the monks of Mount Athos seem to be very wordly. Ouranopoulis is filled with shops selling the products of the monasteries. The monasteries themselves have shops selling products.

Efraim, the Abbot of Vatopedi who master minded a land swap scheme swindle billions the Greek state. Apart from a short time in jail, a media stunt, Efraim has gotten off scott free. Vatopedia still seems to have all the swindled property in its possession. Vatopedi seems also to have partnered with Marfin bank to carry out gigantic financial crimes, taking advantage of their tax exempt status to game the stock market.

And this crime synidcate even managed to swindle Greek tax payers into funding police to guard the base of their crime ring under the pretext they are living holy lives dedicated to God and need special protection.

In ecclesiastical terms, Mount Athos under the Ecumenical Patriarch in Constantinople making the Mount Athos monks even more difficult to hold to account.

I argue that not just Vatopedi, but the controlling element of the Greek Orthodox church is a gigantic crime ring that is undermining Greece itself. They are amassing enormous wealth at the expense of Greece. They are corrupting politicians and justice officials.

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