Has Vatopedi bankster Andreas Vgenopoulos been killed? Media report he died this morning at 3:30 am

Just as WikiLeaks has started to reveal the involvement of Hillary Clinton’s closest team in occult rituals and as her campaign implodes, it has emerged that Andreas Vgenopoulos, founder of Marfin Investment Group (MIG),  has died.


Vgenopoulos allegedly died of cardiac arrest at 3:30 a.m. today on Saturday.


The time given of 3 30 am raises questions, The number 33 is a  well known occult signature  number, strongly suggesting the notion that Vgenopoulos was killed  by the Globalists because he knew too much, specifically about the financial crimes of the Vatopedi monks and Marfin in wrecking Cyprus’ and Greece’s financial systems…


Another alternative is that he has faked his death to escape prosecution. That can only be determined by digging up the body. If Vgenopoulos really has died, if his body really is found, a proper autopsy needs to be conducted to find the cause of his sudden death.



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