Bankster Andreas Vgenopoulos “dies” in a clinic he owns in Athens, Cyprus says investigations will continue

It looks like something out of the “The Third Man” featuring a racketeer Harry Lime, played by Orson Welles, who fakes his own death and funeral. This, to escape prosecution for selling diluted penicilin on the black market that kills patients.

Andreas Vgenopoulos is facing years in jail for his role in the Greek and Cyprus financial crisis without crooked Supreme Court prosecutor Efstathias Spyropoulou to defend him (she is on my charge list and heading for jail). Now he has allegedly, suddenly and conveniently died due to heart failure in a Hygeia hospital in Athens, which is owned by Vgenopoulos’ investment vehicle, MIG…Is there a conflict of interest here?

The funeral service will be private, for family members only. Hmm, family members only…

But Cyprus Attorney general Costas Clerides on Saturday said that investigations into cases implicating Vgenopoulos will continue as normal, throwing a spanner in the works.

Harry Lime lived on after his staged death in the Russian sector of postwar Vienna, using the sewers to move back and forth.

Might Vgenopoulos, if he has also faked his death like Harry Lime in his own clinic witnessed by his own family, try to escape conviction by using the Vatopedi monstery on Mount Athos and the Orthodox church network?

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