George Soros vultures Obama, Nuland and Pyatt to descend on Greece next week as the rug is pulled out from under their feet by NYPD and FBI investigation into Hillary’s paedophile ring

US President Barack Obama will likely be accompanied by Victoria Nuland when he comes to Greece on November 15th to deliver what American officials have described as a “legacy speech”.

The visit of Obama and George Soros puppet Nuland comes as the new US ambassador to Greece, former Ukraine envoy Geoffrey Pyatt, seems to have had a hand in the latest cabinet reshuffle or purge of Alexis Tsipras.

A transcript of a call between Nuland and Pyatt during the Ukraine crisis shows that they micro managed the selection of personnel to the new Ukraine government, brought into power by a coup.

Just a week or so after being visited by Pyatt, Deputy Macedonia-Thrace Minister Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha has been promoted to a cabinet post in the Interior Ministry, the perfect place to plan a false flag along the Greek border to Turkey. to escalate a conflict..

Meanwhile, the US military industrial complex is selling 20  Lockheed Martin F 35 aircraft to Turkey while encouraging Greece to upgrade its F 16 aircraft, pouring fuel on the fire.

Tsipras’ closest aide Nikos Pappas who as state minister oversaw an auction on television licenses that was annulled by a top court, has been appointed head of a new ministry of digital governance and media.

My advice to Obama is to realize the game is up.

There  will be no more immunity for the Globalists. The New York Police Department, the US military and intelligence communities have made that clear by reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton. They are focussing on the paedophile network of Hillary. The reader of my blog will know what else the Globalists like George Soros have been up to, including launching false flag Ebola vaccine campaigns.

George Soros is a proven reader of my blog and I have formally accused him of being behind multiple attempts to silence me along with Alexis Tsipras.


Soros and Tsipras are going to jail. If Obama, Nuland and Pyatt want to join them, they should go ahead and make my day.  There will be no immunity for them. Their days of crimes and obstruction of justice, false flags and fake wars are over.

Donald Trump will win the election. He will become president. It may be he has to go to the courts or get a re run. But Hillary and Soros will not be allowed to steal the election.

Obama should use his brain and realize the game is up and cut his losses. He should order Nuland and Pyatt to stand down.


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