A prayer to God to help humanity in this historical election

Dear God,

I pray that You will accelerate humanity’s movement into a time of peace, prosperity, justice and abundance by helping Donald Trump to be elected the President of the USA tomorrow in a landslide victory.

Make any plans to steal the vote by the Globalists  Hillary Clinton and her donor George Soros backfire by allowing so much evidence of it to be collected that a crooked result can be overturned in court.

I also pray that Donald Trump, inspired by You, will prove to be a president of real integrity and humility, courageous and capable in leading all Americans, irrespective of race or creed, into a bright future, and able through Your shield to overcome the many obstacles the Globalists are sure to set up to stop him if he does get elected.

You are all powerful and can do all things if You so will them to be done.

Have mercy on us and help us in our failings and weakness to escape a Globalist tyranny, engineered world wars and financial collapse.



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