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In the battleground state New Hampshire, unprecedented, long lines have formed outside polling stations early this morning amid reports of election chaos.

Electronic voting machines are reported not to be functioning in some wards, and paper ballots, which will take longer to count, are being used.

A local paper reports..

“In Manchester later Tuesday morning, voters were reporting by 7 a.m. that the ballot machine in the city’s Ward 2 was not functioning. Election officials were putting completed ballots into boxes for later counting, according to reports.

In the city’s Ward 6, cars were backed up five deep in each direction on Candia Road at 5:50 a.m., waiting to get into an already crowded parking lot 10 minutes before the polls were set to open.

In Bedford, traffic along Route 101 and several side roads was heavily congested Tuesday morning leading to the town’s single polling site at the high school.

Rather than waiting in traffic to park at the high school, some voters abandoned their vehicles at a nearby youth baseball field and opted to walk the rest of the way.

Despite the traffic, lines at the Bedford polling site were moving quickly early Tuesday morning, with a very short wait to actually cast a ballot.

A new traffic pattern was implemented around the high school in an effort to keep traffic flowing, however there were still long waits exiting the school facility at the start of Election Day.

In Newfields, Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu joined a line of voters outside Town Hall to cast his ballot Tuesday morning.

Lines are something he’s not used to seeing in his small hometown.

“I waited in line for the first time ever in Newfields today,” said Sununu, who arrived at the polls shortly before Gov. Maggie Hassan, the Democrat hoping to oust Republican Kelly Ayotte in the tight race for U.S. Senate, showed up to vote.”


Let’s pray, we wake up tomorrow to find Donald Trump has won in spite of the rigged media and the attempts to rig the elections.

True, Trump is not be perfect, but he has taken it upon himself to fight the greatest evil the modern world has ever known, the tyrannical New World Order Globalists run by a consortium of private bankers.

Anyway, on this epic, amazing day, I am signing off. It’s coming up to 5 30 pm in Greece where I currently  am, and I have to finish preparing the second part of my testimony about the corruption of prosecutors in Larisa as well as of Efstathia Spyropoulou at the Supreme Court in Athens. I still have to get my testimony translated and reviewed by a lawyer before I present it to a judge on Tuesday next week when Barack Obama is, incidentally, also due to arrive in Greece. So, deadlines are tight for me right now.

Go, Donald! Go, America, freedom! Go!


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