Germany’s media misuses data to suggest Trump’s victory is not in alignment with US democratic process

Axel Springer’s Die Welt has launched a propaganda counter narrative to undermine the legitimacy of election victory of Donald Trump, claiming in a headline today that “the true result is that only every fourth person voted for Trump.”

The misleading implication is that the other three quarters voted for Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump has assumed power through some kind of trick used by shady authoritarian figures, known as the “electoral college”.

In fact, in spite of massive, documented voter fraud, Hillary still only managed to amass 198,400 more votes that Trump in the popular vote. That is to say, almost as many people, about 60 million voted, voted for Trump as for Hillary.

Also, the requirement for a president to have a majority in the electoral college is not a trick but part of the democratic American constitution.

The fact that only half of Americans (or circa a quarter for Trump and for Hillary) who had the right to vote actually chose to vote does not affect the result or its legitimacy as Die Welt by its misuse of data implies.

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