Readers of this blog will be familiar with the vital role that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York City as well as the US army played in stopping the Ebola false flag in 2014 by swiftly moving to implement standard epidemic control measures against the wishes of the federal government and Barack Obama, and, that, in spite of a gigantic mainstream media misinformation campaign.

So, the news that Donald Trump plans to fill his top cabinet posts with these leading figures in the fight against Ebola is a strong indication that Trump really is committed to the interests of the American people.

A cabinet packed with these figures will also make the Trump administrative an extremely effective opponent to the New World Order.

Chris Christie, former New York mayor Rudy Guliani, General Michael Flynn and Newt Gringrich are all set to get top positions in Trump’s cabinet, and they also all played key roles in stopping the Globalist Ebola false flag in 2014.

Politico reports Giuliani is the leading candidate for Attorney General while Christie is the head of the president-elect’s transition team and also a contender to be head of the Department of Justice.

Flynn, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who may have played some back room role, could become defense secretary or national security adviser.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who along with Guliani was a vociferou, effective critic of the lax federal rules on Ebola containment in 2014, said he would “strongly consider” serving as secretary of state.

Flasback to 2014 when the US military, intelligence and political community displayed the kind of creative, flexible, effective response to thwart an Ebola false flag, which demonstrates why America is the world’s most formidable power.

To recall, the Globalists under Barack Obama had prepared a sophisticated stand down of biosecurity level 4 measures across the USA, infiltrating their “people” into key positions in the top of the CDC and other public health advisory bodies and sending  US soldiers were sent in large numbers to Ebola infected areas.

The Ebola false flag occured with great velocity amidst a huge mainstream media propaganda campaign (which Alex Jones at Infowars joined in with), designed to overwhelm the country not just with the disease but also with misinformation and confusion.

But a plan the Globalists clearly thought was unstoppable in its velocity, especially since it was led by the President, Barack Obama, himself was blocked by an incredibly swift, integrated, coordinated and effective approach.

The US military introduced quarantines and other protective measures for its soldiers in Liberia against the wishes of Obama.

Christie and New York Andrew Cuomo announced at the height of the Ebola scare that anyone flying into New York and New Jersey from countries affected by Ebola in west Africa subjected to a mandatory 21-day quarantine.

One returning medic Kaci Hickox was immediately detained by Christie.

Hickox, with ties to the White House, began a media offensive in support of the dangerously lax federal rules set out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC. But nurse Hickox, who turned out to be a CDC epidemic intelligence officer, failed to persuade the public.

New York clamped down just as swiftly on anyone who returning with a potential Ebola infection.

“In a single weekend, the governor undermined Mayor Bill de Blasio’s message of calm, announced an aggressive new quarantine policy with Chris Christie without notifying city or federal officials, and inaccurately suggested a heroic doctor-turned-Ebola-patient did not follow safety guidelines,” reports Politico.

Nurses and doctors rapidly took action about the lack of biosecurity 4 level training and equipment.

Gringrich and Guliani spear headed a media counter offensive, focussing the public’s attention on Obama’s defective biosecurity measures as the underlying cause for the threat of Ebola spreading in the USA. They were often lone voices, but their arguments helped turned the tide of public opinion.

In short, the response of the US security agencies, health services and politicians faced with unpredictable, dynamic and irregular threat in 2014 was second to none and so formidable, it crushed the Globalist threat in a few, short steps. Don’t think about taking on the USA, is the message that action sent to the Globalists. But they didn’t pick it up and were determined to steal the election and foist crooked Hillary into power.

Personally, I don’t see how Obama, who has done so much to undermine the Constitution and America, and who has committed such dire crimes, just in relation to the swine flu and Ebola false flags, can turn around and use a provision in the Constitution to issue a pardon for Hilary for similar crimes.

Any provision in the Constitution cannot have been intended to apply to criminals, who have been undermining that very Constitution and who pose a threat to America on that scale. Surely, there is a legal basis for striking down any pardon issued by Obama to Clinton.

No wonder the Globalists are in despair at the prospect of a Trump administration packed with the likes of Christie, Guliani, Gringrich and Flynn. No wonder Alex Jones can’t quite celebrate the victory of Trump given the extent of the misinformation he put out at the height of the Ebola threat.

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