UK mainstream media try to undermine working relationship between Trump and Theresa May even before it begins

Donald Trump is yet to speak to Theresa May, despite putting in phone calls to the leaders of nine other countries, something that should not be a worry for the Prime Minister, contrary to what The Telegraph claims.

Trump has put in calls to Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, India, Japan, Australia and South Korea within 24 hours of his victory, but highly likely only because he thinks the USA has especially urgent business to attend to in those countries.

The fact that Trump has not called May or Vladimir Putin strongly suggests the notion that he considers May and Putin half way stable partners, who do not need immediate reassurance at a time of Globalist engineered financial and other turmoil.

A strong trade, security and diplomatic partnership between Trump and May will bring benefits to both the USA and UK , and that is, no doubt, why the controlled mainstream media is trying to undermine the relationship and sew mistrust and hostility even before it has begun.

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