Austria creates lake ‘protection zone’ to fight bird flu as media hypes threat to humans

Austria has ordered farms within a 1 kilometer radius on the shoreline of Lake Constance where bird flu allegedly was found to keep all poultry indoors.

The move comes as the mainstream media hype the threat that the bird flu can jump from animals to humans.

The Telegraph has cited  an absurd, unproven claim that people born before 1968 are likely to be protected from a bird flu, implying that everyone else born after 1968 is likely to succumb.

The fact that bird flu has been reported in a part of Austria that borders Switzerland and Germany strongly suggests the notion that this is a staged outbreak.

The Ebola virus allegedly also broke out in 2014 in just such a border “triangle” of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, giving plausibility to media claims that the lethal virus was spreading rapidly and posed a threat to all of Africa, indeed, to all of the world.

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