Brave and honest Larisa police officer murdered in 2009, car accident staged, family succeed in having case reopened after going to European court

A police officer from the Ajia and Larisa precint, who helped uncover a slave ring, was killed and his murder staged as a car accident, it has emerged.

The family of the police officer Nikos Karamanis forced the Greek authorities to reopen the investigation after going to the European court, it seems.

All the evidence as well as a witness who happened to be at the scene of the crime in 2009 indicated that the police officer had been killed and his car was afterwards pushed over the side of a cliff into water to look as if he had had accident. But the police and Larisa prosecutors helped cover up the crime. In fact, some may even have helped carry it out. 

It has taken the family almost seven years in spite of a vast amount of evidence to force the authorities to reopen the investigation.

I guess I have been an exception in being able to get my case reopened in Larisa within eighteen months and to be able to formally charge a vast number of senior police and prosecutors as well as crooked clergy, not to mention George Soros and Alexis Tsipras.

It is of small consolation to the family and children of the murdered police officer but at least they know Nikos Karamanis was an honest and brave police man.

The case underscores just how many other police and prosecutors in Larisa are hardened criminals. The deputy police commissioner of Larisa as well as the deputy chief of Ajia police are directly implicated in the perversion of justice in my case and in such a way as to set me up for a deadly outcome as is proven by a letter from the Ministry of Interior and other documents.

By the way, I never drive or go anywhere by car in Greece  because I know staged car accidents  is one of the most common methods of assassination. Many months ago, I even got a call from Larisa police asking me for details of any car I might be driving in Greece…

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