Donald Trump has phoned UK Prime Minister Theresa May  as well as Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, as Europe prepares for radical change.

Trump affirmed the special relationship between the USA and UK in his phone call to Theresa May, reports the BBC.

The subject of the conversation between Trump and Merkel is not yet known.

Trump has been critical of lawless dictator Merkel, who opened the borders to millions of radical Muslims and ISIS terrorists last year without asking parliament or the people (ditto Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras).

Trump’s campaign chief Kellyanne Conway told Bild newspaper that she was, however, sure Trump and Merkel will be able to work well together.

“There are of course differences in their approaches to issues, like the number of migrants that she let in from Syria and which have ruined her country,” she said.

Merkel, Tsipras, Francois Hollande and Jean Claude Juncker are just some of the politicians in Europe who have been held in power by the a Globalist captured USA.

Now that Globalist power base has gone and the days of George Soros puppets Merkel and Tsipras are numbered.

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