The  UK Government has already submitted its initial grounds for appeal at the Supreme Court, but these do not indicate any major change from the case argued at the High Court, setting the scene for Brexit to be blocked.

Earlier this month, the High Court ruled that the government could only invoke article 50, which begins the EU exit process, through a parliamentary vote.

That parliamentary vote has already occurred. It is common knowledge that parliament voted to allow the British people to decide in a referendum and empowered the government to trigger Brexit immediately in the event of a yes vote. The constitutional requirements have been met. Parliament has voted. The High Court does not have the power to change the constitution, and insist on another vote.

Media also report that the High Court case was decided on the basis that, once article 50 was triggered it was irreversible and British citizens would inevitably lose rights granted through the 1972 European Communities Act.


From the Brexit decision flow many consequences, but they do not include the fact that British citizens would inevitably lose rights granted through the 1972 European Communities Act as the High Court argued in its ruling. The UK government can put through separate legislation to ensure rights granted through the 1972 European Communities Act are preserved under British law.

Also, it is not up to the High Court or any court to set conditions for the Brexit but to rule on whether the process followed has been in accordance with the constitution. It has been.

The UK government lost the case at the High Court through its crooked lawyers and factually incorrect arguments.

In spite of the disastrously illogical, flawed, factually incorrect approach of the UK government, it intends to present the same if not worse arguments at the appeal, it has emerged.

“Now government lawyers are exploring the possibility of arguing in the supreme court that the article 50 process could be reversed by parliament at any time before the UK completes its exit from the European Union,” reports The Guardian

Theresa May, who put Attorney General Jeremy Wright in charge of the case, has to take responsibility for sabotaging Brexit at the High Courts.

She keeps saying Brexit means Brexit and we will make a success of it. But her actions show she is sabotaging it at the courts, clearly thinking the British people are so stupid they will not notice. She is going to create a Constitutional crisis.

God only knows what kinds of disastrous trade deals she is negotiating with China and India, since it  is now beyond any doubt she is hoodwinking the British people.


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