Just a few days into Donald Trump’s momentous victory, the Globalists are pulling out all the stops to stop him, funding riots.

Globalist journalist Eric Frey has sketched out a scenario in Der Standard for the rapid end of Trump’s presidency in chaos, impeachment and resignation.

Reading between the lines of Frey’s coded report, the Globalist latest plan is as follows.

Globalists who have infiltrated the Trump camp (Jared Kushner who has done so much to push out Chris Christie?) will cause chaos and division inside the Trump camp, paralyse the government so it cannot deliver, heave Mike Pence into power and marginalize Trump himself.

I think Trump needs to take the scenario outlined by Fey seriously since he is a reliable voice of the Globalist insider circle, and marginalize Pence.

Mike Pence seems to be the Trojan Horse and Jared Kushner who appears to be his biggest supporter, and who persuaded Trump to appoint Pence his deputy, is a part of the Globalist infiltration aiming to manipulate Trump psychologically and emotionally to hand over power to the wrong people.

I know from my own experience in 2009, that the Globalist agents tried to infiltrate every aspect of my campaign to inform people about the dangers of the swine flu vaccine.

For example, Johann Niklasson, who offered to help me set up a website (the flu case), turned out to be an operative.  First, he did work to gain trust. Later, he did everything to sabotage the website and my work, including altering the second chapter of my book “False Pandemic”. He crashed my website and finally locked me out of it altogether before taking it down. But he was just one of dozens, including Alles Schall und Rauch etc. A huge swarm of Globalists targeted me in 2009. The only way I managed to succeed  was by going it alone.

Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report is also only so successful because he goes it alone. Imagine he had hired people to run his website. Within a short time, the Globalists would have taken it over, watered it down, run it into the ground.

Believe me, when I say, the Globalists will have done everything to infiltrate the camp of Trump and all the fingers point to Jared Kushner, the husband of his daughter, Ivanka, as the person using his influence to push out the real patriots, starting with Chris Christie, to wreck the Trump administration. And now Trump has won, the daggers will really come out.

I hate to say it but what Ivanka thinks or feels about her husband has to come second to the need to save America. What Kushner thinks about Christie is also irrelevant. Kushner did not play a key role in stopping Ebola spread in the USA. Christie did. Trump has to value actions that benefit American more than the opinions of his slimy son in law.

Nigel Farage from Ukip is another Globalist agent. He predicted the Brexit referendum would be lost after polls closed, apologised for “lying” about Brexit promises the next day to discredit the movement, when it was won, and then immediately resigned.

Farage is, in fact, one of a ring of controlled opposition, including Julian Assange, promoted by Alex Jones, the ultimate controlled opposition. And now this toad Farage is to be the special envoy between Trump and the EU and even Theresa May? A disaster!

Fact is Alex Jones has marginalized Trump, poured scorn on him, devalued him throughout the campaign. Jones had only one interview with Trump and he was at pains to tell his audience, Trump did not pull in special ratings for that interview even as tens of thousands attended each of Trump’s real life rallies. Sure, Alex, we believe you…

Yet now Alex Jones is constantly saying he is the biggest thing on the internet and a game changer. Hmm.. Then why didn’t he leverage all that power to help Trump spread his message better? Why didn’t he link much earlier to the livestreams of Trump rallies showing his huge audiences?

We saw during the debates how even Breitbart headlined a phony poll saying Trump had lost the first presidential debate to Hilary while burying another online poll in which the vast majority of about a million readers had voted for Trump. In short, Trump can’t trust the Breitbart outfit either.

What should Trump do to counter Frey’s scenario?

Stop Pence and Kushner taking over his transition team, which will be responsible for appointing 4000 key officials, as a first step. Now, if even half of these people are “fakes”, it will wreck havoc on the Trump administration. The opportunities for internal sabotage, chaos are infinite. Just look at the activities of UK General Attorney Jeremy Wright sabotaging the constitutional case for triggering Brexit in the UK courts.

Trump has to make sure the best people really are appointed. The views of his son in law should be irrelevant. What has Kushner done for the USA? Nothing. And, with all due respect to Ivanka Trump, Kushner looks like such a slimy toad to me with his dead eyes and fake smile and receding chin, and all my gut instinct tells me, he is about as good as the deputy commissioner of police in Larisa. That is, rotten to the core. In fact, Kushner resembles the young Heinrich Himmler minus his brush moustache and Nazi haircut.

Trump has to make sure the polices he  promised are implemented by constant monitoring.

He has to stay on message and walk the talk. Lock Clinton up. Repeal Obamacare. That’s what the people of America voted him in to do. He needs to power his presidency with the support of the people, not the establishment.

Trump has to cease listening to advice from the likes of smooth talking Kushner and Pence and he has to stop delegating too much authority. He has to assume responsibility, make decisions, listen to his intuition, get things done, be a leader, go it alone, be very cautious in delegating authority to anyone except proven patriots like Chris Christie, Mike Flynn, Newt Gringrich and Rudy Guliani, who did go along with 9 11, however.





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