Barack Obama has been forced to cancel his speech next Wednesday on a hill in Athens over security concerns.

The hill is visible for miles around and offers the perfect opportunity for a sniper to stage a false flag assasination attempt with myriad opportunities to then disappear into the built up urban environmnt of Athens. Obama is to give his speech, instead, in a more secure environment, possibly the Stavros Niarchos Centre.

In addition, US security services have stepped up their efforts to protect Obama in Athens, a wise decision given the rampant corruption among local police, who cannot be depended on to run a tight ship if a few thousand euros are slipped into their pockets, it seems.

Obama will be driven around in a bullet proof car, and US fighter jets will patrol the skies.

Obama’s unusually lax security arrangements have raised questions about whether he is attempting to stage some kind of false flag assassination attempt, perhaps to be blamed on Trump supporters or “Russians”.

His laxity is all the more surprising given the fact he is due to come at a time when Greeks protest the military junta, which was installed by the CIA in 1967.

November 17th is the anniversary of the uprising in Athens that ultimately led to the overthrow of the military junta. The day is usually characterised by protests which culminate in violent demonstrations outside the US Embassy.

In addition, numerous terrorist cells have raised their public profile, including the “November 17th cell”.

Alexis Tsipras may well attempt to use Obama’s visit as well as a false flag to introduce martial law and set up his own junta.

Suspicious also is that Obama’s visit o Greece seems to have no real purpose. More pertinent would have been a visit to Italy, about to collapse under a banking crisis and leave the euro. What is his real agenda?

In a separate development, Turkey has announced naval exercises in twelve regions, including the easternmost Greek island of the Aegean to take place from November 12 to Tuesday November 15 — the day of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Greece, setting the stage for another possible false flag.

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