Ron Paul has issued a warning to  Donald Trump, saying that neocons and shadow government figures are going to attempt to infiltrate and influence his presidency and prevent him from achieving successful change.

Meanwhile, Eric Frey, a top Austrian Globalist journalist, outlined a detailed and realistic scenario in Der Standard of how a Trump administration could be imploded from within, a scenario which we can, in fact, already see unfolding before our eyes. But if Trump makes some radical corrections fast, he can still get his administration back on track.

First, let’s review the traps that Globalists like Frey are predicting will be the downfall of Trump before considering ways of side stepping them.

Frey outlined how the Trump presidency could sink into chaos due to erratic decisions, anger over Trump’s failure to stick to his promises, such as Obamacare, turf wars between what he calls “traditional” Republicans, but what are more commonly called the Globalist neo cons, populist hardliners and Trump’s family.

“All of that will create a terrible impression and will send his popularity and his party’s into the basement,” writes Frey…

In the next phase, Republicans in Congress will try to replace Trump with Vice President Mike Pence (heaved into power by  son in law Jared Kushner, it seems). Frey predicts that a hurt Trump will lash out against his own party and return to his earlier liberal campaign promises.

Next, Frey predicts  a frustrated and disillusioned Trump will turn his back on politics and retreat into Trump Tower and devote more time to his business interests. Meanwhile, calls for his impeachment in Washington will grow. The basis will be financial irregularities.

In the final phase, Trump resigns in 2018. Mike Pence becomes president and realigns Washington with  the Globalist agenda (“traditional Republican politics”). But Pence is so damaged by the disastrous legacy of Trump, he loses the Senate and Congress mid term elections and then the presidential election in 2020 to a Democrat like Elisabeth Warren.

So, here we have a Globalist insider game planning a strategy for the destruction of the Trump presidency in the pages of Der Standard newspaper, whose publisher is the well known Bilderberger Oscar Bronner. And, I have to say, it is very well thought out.

Unfortunately, the first few days of the president elect have followed Frey’s script, strongly suggesting his camp is already so infiltrated that the Globalists are already directing Trump every step.

One such Globalist could be Jared Kushner, who seems to be the power behind Trump’s throne, according to The Telegraph.

“Many suspect that Mr Kushner, 35, will play a big role in the new White House team – possibly even taking over from Mr McDonough as the second most powerful man in Washington.”

Trump’s first days as president elect have been marked by erratic decisions and backtracking on campaign promises as outlined in Frey’s scenario.

Far from having a dynamic, confident start, Trump’s start can be characterised as chaotic and a public relations disaster.  Trump has come across, at best, as inconsistent, disorientated and incompetent, just as Frey predicted. And first impressions count.

Trump gave an interview to saying he would keep parts of Obamacare after making its repeal a central part of his campaign. According to media, he is doing this out of respect for Obama. What about his respect for the US voters who supported him and expect him to follow through on his campaign promises?

Also, he said he plans a massive deregulation of the financial institutions to allow “banks to lend again” reversing a pledge to regulate the banks better, for example, by reintroducing the Glass Steagall act.

Financial deregulation will ultimately mean, Trump will allows the banks an blank cheque to rob the people of the USA still further through interest charged on their monopoly of the private creation of money and through their instruments of financial theft such as derivatives.

In addition, he has packed his transition team with his family members and his son in law Jared Kushner. Yet his sons are also expected to run his family business, creating the conflicts of interest, and financial irregularities, which will allow him eventually to be impeached under Eric Frey’s scenario.

He has put Washington insider Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the transition team which is set to appoint 4000 officials. But the names of bankers and lobbyists being floated suggest the same corrupt types who destroyed America under Clinton and Bush are set to continue to destroy America and enrich themselves under Trump.

What should Trump do to bring his administration back on track and avoid the disastrous scenario outlined by Frey from becoming reality, and very soon…

1. Remove his family from all positions in his presidential team to avoid the charge of conflict of interest and financial irregularities and to stop disagreements among his family members from damaging his image

2. Remove Mike Pence from Vice President and replace him with a “hardliner” like General Michael Flynn.

If Pence is the person the Globalist want to have in office, Trump is also much more likely to be assassinated. But if someone like Flynn is vice president, then the incentive for assassinating Trump disappears.

Chris Christie is embroiled in the  so called Bridge gate scandal and cannot become Vice President or play a very high profile role since he could soon be arrested.

3. Stack his transition team with generals and admirals fired by Obama and appoint as many of them as possible to the key 4000 government posts.

4. Repeal Obamacare in its entirety and immediately to reassure the public that he is keeping his campaign promises.

There may be provisions he likes. He can pass legislation for them later.

5. Legislate to bring in sovereign money, and abolish federal income taxes (which were only introduced in 1913 to pay for the privatized federal reserve)

6. Set up a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s crimes and lock her up.

7. Ensure consistent and accurate communications to his popular base. This people’s movement, as he calls it, is Trump’s political power. Without the people, he has no power. He is not part of the Washington establishment.

But the people will not support him unless he walks the talk and is seen to do so. They will not support him unless he delivers results. He cannot afford to pack his administration with cronies and the corrupt. He must get real results. The base need to see his promises fulfilled or in the process of being fulfilled.

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