Athens in lockdown ahead of Obama’s visit tomorrow, may give speech at Acropolis Museum as security fears swirl

Well, I have to go to Larisa court tomorrow morning to deliver the second part of my testimony, and so will be busy when Obama arrives in Athens, which has been put under lockdown for his two day visit before he heads to Berlin on the final European visit of his presidency.

It seems Obama might give one of his (wooden) speeches at the Acropolis Museum. Good news. The  last thing we now need is a false flag assassination attempt against him to be blamed on Trump supporters or “Russians”. The Acropolis Museum is much  more easy to protect, albeit more popular, than the elevated and exposed hill where Globalist Obama originally planned to give his two cents worth on democracy.

Tomorrow I have to testify about crooked prosecutors, including Athens Supreme Court prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou, as well as the Larisa crooks Ioannis Mangoutas and Dimitra Papachristou. It seems corrupt justice officials are dealt with by a separate court.

I do wonder just who is going to investigate all this corruption in Larisa, the fifth biggest city in Greece, since virtually every single senior prosecutor and judge is implicated?

Larisa clearly has a problem, suffering from a vast, system of corruption and intimidation.

It has emerged that a police officer, Nikos Karamanis, who helped break up a slave ring was murdered in the Larisa region, and his murder was brazenly covered up.

Anyway, back to the visit of Obama tomorrow…

From Protothema

Athens will be in complete lockdown, in the wake of outgoing US President Barack Obama’s official 2-day visit to Greece on Tuesday, November 15.

According to newspaper “Eleftheros Typos”, the possibility of Barack Obama delivering a speech at the Acropolis Museum is being seriously considered, after the plan to hold his speech at the ancient site of the Pnyka Hill was cancelled due to security concerns.

Barack Obama is expected to gibe two speeches during his visit to Athens, with his second address focusing on economic matters and scheduled to be held at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation building.

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