Another step in my case…

As Barack Obama landed in Athens this morning for his final trip to Greece and Germany as US president, I handed in an electronic copy of my testimony concerning crooked Greek prosecutors and judges at Larisa court.

Even as I write this, the judge is integrating parts of my testimony on October 24th about crooked clergy, police and lawyers as well as proven readers of my blog, George Soros and Alexis Tsipras, into this, new testimony.


At 1 pm, I’ll collect a copy, have it checked through and translated, and sign the testimony on Thursday.

I was told all the  nuns at St John, the Forerunner, monastery are to be asked to go to Ajia police next week, including Theodekti for a second time. If they, or rather Theodekti, refuses to let them be questioned, they will be compelled to testify, I was told.

I was also informed I need to send or go with a lawyer in person on November 28th  to make sure I get a postponement of the trial set up as a show trial and with potentially lethal consequences for me by prosecutor Katarina Papaioannou, as her April accusation shows.

I handed over a copy of Papaioannou’s accusation to the judge again today after obtaining it directly from the trial file in another office, which now contains, at least, my police and other reports, unlike in April. But whether those police reports will be in the file on the trial date is another matter since one of the main problems I have had to contend with is the suppression of evidence amid elaborate deceit.

Amazingly, the judge said she could not access the trial file herself since she did not know the file number. That said, anyone who tries to mount a serious investigation is, in my view, in danger, and I understand a reluctance to show too much initiative. A  special prosecutor from the outside is needed to clean up a vast criminal network in Larisa police and courts and to investigate Soros and Tsipras…

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