Barack Obama has started his first and last trip to Greece as President just one week after the election of Donald Trump and defeat of Hillary Clinton, whose largest single donor is George Soros.

Obama was met at the airport by the former ambassador to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, who has just assumed his new role in Athens and has tweeted a picture.

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Leaked documents show that George Soros virtually ruled the Ukraine through Pyatt from 2014 after orchestrating a colour revolution to topple the president.

Athens is in lockdown amid fears of a false flag? terror attack and the annual protests over the military junta installed by the CIA on November 17th.

A false flag attempt to assasinate Obama, blamed on Trump supporters, could fuel Soros funded protests sweeping the USA, while blamed on Russians or Turks, it could escalate world war three tensions.

Authorities have inspected and sealed off the Acropolis Museum and the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Foundation, venues Obama is expected to use to make his speech after he was forced to abandon plans to speak on Pnyx hill, an extremely exposed location.

Obama’s is expected to comment on the victory of Trump during a speech he has billed as his “legacy” speech.

Police in Germany have also cracked down on ISIS terrorists and rolled out tight security measures for when Obama arrives in Berlin on Wednesday evening where he will meet with Globalist Angela Merkel, who has been the President’s closest partner along with Alexis Tsipras, especially in opening the borders of Europe to allow in an unprecedented influx of migrants.


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