Finished my testimony at Larisa court about corrupt prosecutors, included judge Karanikola

Today I finished my testimony about the crooked prosecutors and judges at Larisa court, including judge Phonete Karanikola. I will file criminal charges against her separately and complain to the Areios Pagos, where the top judges, at least, seem to be genuinely committed to regular procedures and rulings. And I will insist on a prosecution of Karanikola.

Karanikola dared to call me a liar and fantasist in her civil lawsuit with no evidence at all, absolutely no proof. And she dared to order me to take down blog posts about the very corruption in Larisa that the Areios Pagos has ordered to be investigated.  The judge who took my testimony pointed out that the lawyer is actually being investigated on the basis of my evidence, proving that I am not a liar or fantasist.

She has even allowed others to take down my blog posts directly on the basis of her crooked ruling. Indeed, I found out yesterday that someone, likely Tsipras and the Ministry of Interior? have hacked my computer to the point where I cannot even upload court documents proving the corruption of Karanikola to my blog.

Today, I obtained written confirmation from Larisa court that an investigation is ongoing, also into the crooked lawyer whose lawsuit the very, very crooked judge Karanikola granted. I blacked out the names, phone numbers and case file numbers for data protection reasons.

Karanikola needs to go to jail. She has gone too far, endangering my life as I testify against a vast system of corruption.

I risk my life to give people information abut Globalist false flag epidemics and also to give interviews with Russian state TV as I did in Larisa in June, when the world was on the brink of world war three. And Karanikola dares call me , a graduate from one  of the best universities in the world, who has written for top newspapers, a liar and fantasist with no proof whatsoever and dares attack my blog. Unacceptable.  She has to go to jail. I will not accept money as compensation.


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