Obama leaves Athens, goes to Berlin to meet Globalist Merkel

The visit of President Barack Obama to Athens one week after the election of Donald Trump has ended without any major security event yesterday.

Obama’s visit came as the second evaluation of Greece’s progress toward the targets of its bailout programme is underway and as I testified against George Soros and Alexis Tsipras over their role in my case at Larisa court, able to offer solid proof they are readers of my blog and the individuals behind the multiple attempts to silence me.


The prospects of Soros puppet Alexis Tsipras, now 15 points behind the opposition in polls, depend on a positive evaluation and debt relief, as well as on crooked judges and prosecutors.

But the election of Trump has created new obstacles for Tsipras.

Trump signalled during the campaign that he sees the Greek debt crisis as Germany’s problem and that Greece shouldn’t have entered the eurozone. He is absolutely correct.

In contrast to Trump, Obama has intervened to help the banks loot Greece under the pretext of austerity and has argued in favor of debt relief for Greece, thereby setting German and other European taxpayers for an especially hard punishment.

Tsipras left Athens to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, where the Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schauble slammed the plans for debt relief, saying they would do no favour to Greece if the focus was shifted away from much needed reforms. Correct.

Merkel is one of the most powerful remaining Globalists after Obama (who seems the most intelligent) and the election of Trump is bound to be a concern for her.

Tsipras’ attempt to give television channels’ licenses to crony and crooked oligarchs ended with a Constitutional Court ruling finding the law unconstitutional and underlined his authoritarian streak.

He has created a new media ministry under his right hand man Nikos Pappas, which could be involved in the censorship of my blog and hacking of my computer after a crooked judge in Larisa issued a ruling calling me a liar and fantasist for accusing police, prosecutors and lawyers even as the Areos Pagos has ordered the investigation to be reopened.

Above all, the Greek justice system needs to get a grip on corruption.

As my case proceeds, I have come to think the top judges at the Areios Pagos really are honest and I do believe they really are trying to do their best to straighten out my case and other cases. But do they have the resources to keep tabs on my case and on all the other corrupt prosecutors in Greece?

I urge Trump and creditor countries to consider giving the Areios Pagos significant new resources to weed out corruption in Greece as well as to clap George Soros and Alexis Tsipras in jail.

Believe me when I say from first hand experience that weeding out corruption in the justice system would be doing Greece and the Greek people a huge favour.

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