Having finished my testimony at Larisa court today, I would like to thank to the honest top judges and prosecutors at the Areios Pagos, the Supreme Court in Athens, who appear to have struggled to get my case back on track, and who seem to be struggling to get many other cases, such as the murder of honest Larisa and Ajia police man Nikos Karamanis. back on track.

I have come to appreciate that their jobs are not easy, not easy at all.

If there is something more dangerous than being an honest journalist, then it is  probably being an honest justice official.

Hopefully, Greece’s creditors and Donald Trump will support them as they try to clean up a court system so corrupt it is staggering. It is also dangerous for the country.

Thank you, Areios Pagos judges for being honest, for making an effort, for caring for us and the people of your country!

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