Crooked Mount Athos Abbot to face trial again for billion euro fraud. But will he finally be clapped in jail for the rest of his life or be let off?

The criminal trial relating to the property swap between the Vatopedi Monastery and the Greek state entered its final phase on Thursday when  Abbot Ephraim and monk Arsenios in court in Athens.

The trial is due to resume on December 15.

Michael Lewis has reported on the scandalous way Vatopedi monastery robbed the Greek state in Vanity Fair.

But it turns out, Vatopedi’s house bank was Marfin, embroiled in the financial crisis.

It is to be hoped that Ephraim and Arsenios are clapped in jail and their property empire restituted to the Greek state.

Efraim has tried to claim he committed his robberies for the national good. Sure. It is really in the interest of the Greek people for one little monastery on Mount Athos to become super rich, acquire billions in property through fraud, have vast sums in their bank accounts at the expense of the Greek state. If crooked Vatopedi monastery is a national necessity and treasure, then God help Greece.

But by appealing to patriotism, he is cynically exploiting a very real psychological weakness in the Greeks. The reality is the average Greek person in 2016 does not give a damn about their country or their family or children. They have no idea what patriotism or even family means.

I have probably done more to keep the Greek people healthy and safe by stopping the orchestrated swine flu vaccine campaign in 2009 and Ebola vaccine campaign in 2014 than any other single person in modern history.

Yet, the very clergy, prosecutors, judges, lawyers and police in Larisa, who did not have to take the swine flu vaccine or Ebola vaccine due to my efforts, have been the first to try to kill me on behalf of George Soros and Alexis Tsipras for some little material advantage. This suggests the average Greek person in 2016 does not care about their children, their family, their country and certainly not about God. The average Greek person today seems to care only for themselves and for money.

Knowing deep down in their heart they do not give a damn about their children and their country and God, the average Greek person seems to feel guilty and the need to compensate for their substantial inner indifference with an external show of patriotism, staging huge military and other parades, flying the Greek flag, bending their knee to crooked clergy. It’s all empty ritual.  When it comes to actually doing something for their children and their country, the vast majority have no motivation.

Greeks seem to think they are good parents if they manage to send their children abroad or feed them after ruining their country and depriving their children of a future, of jobs by their corruption.

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