Google and Facebook, two of the world’s biggest internet companies, have launched a crack down on the new, real media as the Globalists try to stop people getting information about their activities.

Alex Jones, who includes Donald Trump in his audience, plans to set up his own fact-checking centre after Google and Facebook vowed to crack down on so-called ‘fake news’ sites, including his.

The Globalist internet crackdown comes as my own blog, constantly placed in very low rank by Google algorithms and other tricks (I have seen the numbers of people visiting my blog being altered and reduced before my eyes), has been subjected to brazen criminal hack attack assisted by a crooked Larisa judge.

Smearing me, an independent journalist, as a liar and fantasist, while offering no proof, in violation of her obligation under law 363, judge Phonete Karanikola has opened a new  attack on the free press.

Her spurious ruling granted a lawyer the right to ask my web administrator to remove posts directly from my blog. But that lawyer went to far when he was caught in a cybercrime just an hour after I found out about the judge’s ruling.

Now he too faces criminal charges after I charged the judge yesterday as part of an investigation into my case ordered by the Greek Supreme Court.

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