In silence, Americans have had to bear a world of pain under Globalists like Bill and Hillary Clinton. Now Americans have spoken by voting Trump into office and he must keep his promise and prosecute the Clintons after naming Attorney General

Donald Trump has chosen Senator Jeff Sessions to be his Attorney General, according to Bloomberg News and the New York Times.

The key question now is whether Sessions will prosecute Hillary and Bill Clinton for their crimes connected with the Clinton foundation as well as Hillary’s secret email server, not to mention paedophile rings.

Hillary Clinton, whose single biggest donor is George Soros, did everything to steal the election. She failed to steal it and to set America on a path for further destruction. Now her daughter, Chelsea, who lives like royalty due to her parents’ crimes, is trying to enable Hillary to continue her crime spree by begging Donald Trump’s daughter to spare her, reports Alex Jones.

Family bonds are important to Trump, and rightly so. But more important than family bonds should be principles like justice and promises to his voters.

Chelsea Clinton can voice her pain to Trump via his daughter. Most other Americans don’t have that privileged access to voice their suffering and pain under the Globalist agenda pushed by Bill and Hillary Clinton (as well as George Bush) to Trump via his children.

They can’t call up his daughter and get his ear about their lost their jobs, their ruined health after being sent into pointless wars to be maimed and butchered, the way vaccines have caused pain and autism to their children.

“[In] silence you must bear a world of pain,” Athena tells Odysseus in Homer’s epic when he arrives home in Ithaca only to find suitors besieging his house.

In silence, Americans have also had to bear a world of pain. Trump promised to give these forgotten, silenced Americans a voice.

“[In] silence you must bear a world of pain, subject yourself to the cruel abuse of men,” says Athena.

And, boy, have the Americans been subjected to the cruel abuse of the Clintons, including Chelsea, who has done nothing in real terms for Americans or anyone. I am not God, but I imagine the few good things Chelsea has said and done are far outweighed by her complicity in the Clinton crime ring.

It is not suprising given her parents that Chelsea is corrupt. Rather than wanting to see her parents in jail for their crimes and rather than give up her own luxury life style, she wants to pressure Trump’s daughter to pervert justice.

Trump and his daughter should resist the siren call of the corrupt.

His new Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to be given the green light to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary. Chelsea may week, Trump’s daughter may even shed a few tears. But millions of Americans will cheer. And they are the ones who voted for him, fought for him and struggled for him.

He promised to put Hillary in jail.

She had the chance to stand down before the election and make a deal with Trump to keep herself out of jail. But instead she did everything she could to steal the election. Hillary is a relentless, cruel, abusive criminal. She has to be put in jail to demonstrate that this is unacceptable behaviour in a leading politician and restore trust in the political system.

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