Charges are to be brought against a lawyer from Thessaloniki for hacking into my computer without authorization and for intentionally and illegally denying computer services to me, the authorized user.

The judge I testified to about this cybercirme and other crimes advised me to go to the police.

A screenshot of my computer proves that I was illegally denied access to my own files on my on Wednesday.

I am told in German that I do not have the authorization to upload a jpg from my desk top onto my blog.


This happened just a couple of hours after Judge Phonete Karanikola issued an unlawful verdict in a civil lawsuit of a lawyer, currently under investigation for his role in a crime syndicate.

In fact, I took the screenshot above 1447  at 13 09 pm on Wednesday.


That the  screenshot of my computer access being denied to me is 1447 is proven by this screenshot.The


That I took a picture of the verdict just half an hour before is proven by this screenshot.


The judge in her verdict gave the lawyer the right to ask my web administrator to have certain posts removed for thirty days, most of which do not mention the lawyer at all, but give evidence of Larisa justice officials corruption. I am also not allowed to mention his name for thirty days, my lawyer told me when I met her between 11 am and 12 pm on Wednesday. She has just obtained the verdict from the court.

But in her verdict Karanikola did not give the lawyer the right to access my computer without authorization and directly interfere with my documents as he has done.

She did not give him the right to stop me directly uploading her judgement with the name of the lawyers blacked out from my files onto my blog post as he has done.

The lawyer has, in fact, obtained so much illegal control of my computer system that he blocked my access to a document on my desk top almost immediately after I created it (circa 30 minutes)

My computer and blog often malfunction. Likely, because they have long been hacked by this crooked lawyer and his associates. Now he has been caught.

While Karanikola’s verdict is formaly valid for 30 days, it is legally and factually invalid because she calls me a liar and fantasist without any proof. Yet law 363 of the Greek criminal code, which she references in her verdict, requires her to prove with facts that I have lied, and also that I lied deliberately, meaning she now also faces criminal defamation charges as well as charges of assisting in the illegal hacking of my computer.

In fact, Karanikola’s verdict is just another manouevre by judges in Larisa to try to cover up their crimes, misusing a civil defamation lawsuit to suppresss freedom of the media and harass me.

I included her in my testimony yesterday about crooked Laisa judges and prosecutors and will make a complaint to the Areios Pagos.

Karanikola’s illegal, brazen censorship of my blog, her criminal defamation and her assistance to the proven criminal hacking of my blog is such a serious breach of laws that she should be made to face the highest penalty.

Clearly, I can be killed anytime by this crime gang trying to evade justice in Larisa operating for Alexis Tsipras and George Soros, and my blog can be taken down or interfered with simultaneously.

That is not speculation. That is proven.

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