Trump side steps potential impeachment trap, gives children control of his business, but no formal job

Donald Trump plans to give three of his children the job of running his business empire while he is in the White House, but he will not appoint any of them to the administration.

His plan is reasonable since his children need jobs. Though there are some potential conflicts of interest, these can best be dealt with by having scrupulous transparency in every detail.

Austrian journalist Eric Frey hinted at a Globalist plan to impeach Trump over conflicts of interests and financial irregularities in a year or two.

His children will have to be very smart, very open, stick to every rule, and refuse overly tempting offers, to avoid a siutation where they and Trump are set up for a fall.

The weak spot is Trump’s son in law and property tycoon Jared Kushner. HeĀ could embroil the Trump family in some kind of shady conflict of interest scandal if he assumes a formal role in the White House.

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