Trump choses new CIA director, has said controlled opposition and Soros puppet Edward Snowden should go to jail

Donald Trump has chosen as his CIA director Mike Pompeo, who has said he wants to put NSA whistle  blower Edward Snowden in jail.

George Soros signed a petition to ask Barack Obama to pardon Snowden.

Readers of this blog will not be surprised that the world’s best known Globalist, Soros, has come out in favour of Snowden. I have identified Snowden as a controlled opposition along with Julian Assange and Alex Jones, who incidentally also asked for Snowden to be pardoned.

The function of Snowden and his revelations appears to have been to make everyone terrified of a Big Brother style surveillance system, and start censoring themselves in their electronic and other communications.

It is to be hoped Pompeo does put Snowden in jail along with Julian Assange. Controlled opposition Alex Jones is possibly more useful out of jail than in jail, but it’s a toss up.

Pompeo also favours Gauntanamo Bay, a lawless camp allowing torture which I personally strongly oppose. All forms of torture are contrary to the US constitution, contrary to American core values and absolutely contrary to Christianity. Studies also show torture is ineffective. In addition, torture also damages the reputation of the USA and the morale of the military.

I also live under the persistent threat of being not just killed by the Globalists, but of being tortured to death in a psychiatric unit in Greece after being forcibly confined under the pretext my blog shows I am mentally ill for challenging the mainstream media and exposing the crimes of Alexis Tsipras and George Soros. That is a horrible prospect, one that fake independent media like Snowden, Assange and Alex Jones have never faced.

As someone who risks not just death, but death by torture every day to put the truth out as best as I can on this blog, I say no, no, no to all forms of torture.

I am very thankful to the judges of the Areios Pago, the Supreme Court in Greece, for reopening my case just in time to perhaps? avoid forcible confinement and death following a show trial in Larisa on November 28th, just ten days away.

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