Is Larisa civil court head judge Alexander Oekomonou implicated in take down of my blog during show trial planned to have a deadly outcome for me on November 28th?

The head of the civil court in Larisa, Judge Alexander Oekonomou, seems to be part of the conspiracy along with his wife, judge Phonete Karanikola, to set me up for a deadly outcome on November 28th while giving Globalists illegal control of my blog.

It is surely not a coincidence that Oekonomou timed the hearing on the civil defamation lawsuit brought against me by a Thessaloniki lawyer for October 7th. His wife, Karanikola, delivered a flawed verdict on November 16th giving a lawyer the temporary right to take down blog posts directly for 30 days. That is, during the crucial period of my show trial on November 28th.

Karanikola declared in her verdict that ten of my blog posts had to be removed temporailty. That, even though most of them referred not to the lawyer but to Alexis Tsipras and the corruption of Larisa justice officials. She said that my blog posts are lies and have no basis in reality, showing how great her disconnect with reality is since these charges are currently being investigated on the orders of the Aerios Pagos.

Perhaps she got a wake up call when I included her in my official testimony to an investigating judge on November 17th on the corruption of prosecutors and judges.

I also included the judge, whose name I don’t know, who is set to hold the show trial, alleging he or she must have chosen because that person could be relied on to ignore that whole procedure is irregular.

The accusation of prosecutor Katarina Papaioannou together with a Ministery of Interior and the statements of the accused and a biased and non essential witness were all I found in the trial file in April, a file Papaioannou went to great lengths to hide from me.

Read her accusation against Theodekti and Theonike on my case Delta 15 218 in Greek here


The Ministry of Interior letter referencing my original police report number and state prosecutor’s file number Delta (Greek letter) 15 2018  is here in the second line and ordering Ajia police to question only the culprits, a biased and non essential witness and a fake person is here.


The statements of Theodekti and Theoniki, the biased and non essential witnesses in Greek, referencing the same file numbers, given to Ajia police are here.


The letter also gives as the contact person the first prosecutor of Larisa, which refers to Johannis Mankoutas and Dimitra Papachristou. As they both know, I was made to skip a vital stage in any investigation, which is testimony to an investigating judge. I have only given my testimony officially now, initiating an investigation.


The thin and bizarre content of Papaionanou’s accusation proves she didn’t conducted any investigation, and she only incorporated the false claims of culprit Theodekti that she returned my donations into her verdict, and called no other witnesses than myself, the biased and non essential witness for the show trial on November 28th.

The two culprits Theodekti and Theoniki were allowed to make a statement not under oath claiming I was mentally ill and self harming, setting me up for forcible confinment under an emergency law. The intention is clearly to silence me, and there can be no reasonable doubt about the ultimate plan. It is to murder me and reframe my murder as suicide.

Just as this trial takes place, the lawyer who is being investigated as well as part of this ring, has been the granted the temporary right by crooked judge Karanikola to take posts down directly from my blog because of the amazingly convenient timing of the hearing set by Alexander Oekonomou, who just happens to be her husband, allowing for close and secretive coordination.

The criminal intentions of Karanikola and the lawyer were proven with hours of her ruling on November 16th. My computer was brazenly hacked and I was blocked from uploading my own files onto my blog as I could prove by screenshots.

If Karanikola and the lawyer and Alexis Tsipras and George Soros think they are going to get away with removing me on November 28th and taking down my blog just as the new media becomes ascendant and Donald Trump wins the presidential election and the Areios Pagos opens an investigation, they are going to get a wake up call.


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