Snowden faces execution in the USA after Obama indicates he will not pardon him in spite of George Soros’ plea

In spite of a request by George Soros, “there is very little chance President Barack Obama will pardon Edward Snowden before his final term is up – leaving his fate to an unforgiving Trump administration and an incoming CIA director who had called for his execution,” reports The Independent.

Russell Tice exposed the activities of the NSA in 2005.  Even the New York Times carried stories about a secret surveillance programme conducted by the NSA in cooperation with major telecommunications companies. What has Snowden told us that we did not already know or strongly suspect?

What is even more damning about Snowden is that he gave all of his documents to “responsible” corporate media, especially the Guardian, which have still not published most of the information.

Personally, I am against the death penalty for Snowden or for anyone unless the US department of justice gets their hands on Soros, Alexis Tsipras and the Larisa crooked clergy and justice officials in my case…

Why? A government, a justice organization, is supposed to embody the high quality of reason, and not aggression and passions. That said, I do think Snowden should be clapped in jail for his role in the Globalist controlled opposition hoodwinking people and terrorizing them.

The US Department of Justice has charged Mr Snowden with two counts of violating the Espionage Act of 1917.

And I suspect that Vladimir Putin will be quite happy to send Snowden, who has lived in Russia since he leaked documents, back to his new friend and ally Donald Trump…

I am going to email and ask Trump to take an interest in my case….

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