I have finished the first draft of an email to Donald Trump and his team asking for support in convicting George Soros and Alexis Tsipras as I face a show trial with a deadly outcome at court in Larisa next week…

Dear Donald Trump,

I am writing to you to ask you to help me, a journalist targeted personally by George Soros and Alexis Tsipras, the Prime Minister of Greece, for exposing their role in crimes that also impact on the USA.
As you prepare to take the helm as the President of America in this time of dynamic transformation, I urge you to consider the importance of information, which bloggers like myself often put out at great risk to their lives.
The USA has many assets including military, economic and cyber assets. But information in the 21st century is, I would argue, the asset most worth protecting.
Threats to American security posed by biological, financial, information, and cyber and other irregular approaches to war are growing.
At the same time, the US military and intelligence services face constraints on their budgets. They cannot be expected to cover all areas in real time. Yet an immediate reaction is often needed to ward off an hybrid, non-linear attack.
Protecting journalists, bloggers and researchers who are endeavouring to deliver in depth information on security threats to the USA and others is, therefore, I would argue, a cost effective and efficient, “outsourced” way of ensuring an independent, and accurate flow of information in complex, volatile global security environment.
At the same time, such journalists, like myself (I specialize in irregular and proxy biological and financial warfare on my birdflu666 blog, also against the USA), face unprecedented danger and threats.
My case illustrates how police, judges, lawyers and others in Greece have conspired to set me up for a lethal penalty at a trial next week on November 28th on account of my journalism activities.
In fact, I have been lured to this trial under the pretext of getting justice in relation to a murder attempt made against me on account of my journalism activities in 2015 by clergy in a Greek monastery.
Yet, I have found out the real intent is to circumvent all legal procedures to find a pretext to have me forcibly confined in a pyschiatric unit in Greece where I can expected to be killed, with my murder reframed as suicide.
My evidence is so substantial that the Supreme Court of Greece has ordered an investigation into the original case and the cover up. As part of my testimony on October 24th at Larisa court, I have been able to accuse formally both George Soros and Alexis Tsipras at the court on the basis of verifiable evidence.
Perhaps precisely because of this proof justice officials in Larisa seem to be determined to carry out their original plan, seem to be resolved on ignoring the Areios Pagos, and aiming to deliver a deadly outcome to me. In fact, I have just caught a judge helping a lawyer to hack my computer and take it down on November 28th.
I am attaching a more detailed description of my case with the relevant documents for you to give to your new attorney general so that he can pursure the case. These documents with Greek court file numbers will enable you with a logical, legally bullet proof case, convict both George Soros and Alexis Tsipras.
By the way, in the event that I really am killed on November 28, I urge you to update my own charges againt George Soros and Alexis Tsipras and other justice officials from attempted murder to actual murder, and to pursue them even more vigorously.
I urge you to take every action to bring Soros, Tsipras and judges before the US courts since Greek courts are very corrupt as my case shows.
There may be legal obstacles to this approach at the moment. But as we move into a new era, legal paradigms can also be changed by new legislation.
You could bring Soros to trial by, for example, updating laws to include information assets across the globe as worthy of protection.
Information assets could be defined as any sources of information (individual bloggers, citizen journalists or researcher etc) who put out information which has been, which is, or which could be, in the future useful for US security purposes irrespective of their geographic location.
You could also update laws on extradition to allow for culprits who, for example, persistently endanger or kill an “information” asset, and who cannot be brought to justice in other countries because of corruption as apparently in Greece, to be brought to justice in the USA.
A law could be passed to state that if the authorites of a country refuse to protect an information asset, such as a blogger, and even try to kill them, then those individuals in authority can be extradited to the USA to face trial.
If countries refuse to extradite suspects, then new laws should allow justice officials from the USA to serve arrest warrants directly to suspects in countries like Greece and extradite them.
In the USA, individuals like George Soros, Alexis Tsipras and their crony judges, could be put on trial.
In the event of a serious crime such as treason or plotting the overthrow of the USA (something the evidence on my blog indicates), the death penalty should be allowed, I would argue.
By reconfiguring justice laws, the USA could do much to protect its global information assets, and, therefore, its security. Success in this fast paced, dynamic, complex and volatile global security environment in 2016 requires flexibility, adaptability, a willingness to open new paths.


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