As Trump and the Pentagon take on George Soros, I am in the crosshairs again…

Huge and positive developments as Donald Trump puts together a team and policies to liberate America from the Globalist New World Order, but I have to take time preparing a battle plan of legal action to stop a take down of my blog and my disappearance at the show trial next Tuesday in Larisa.

I made a copy of all the contents of my blog and my legal documents today after being able to prove that my computer has been hacked. Another blogger has offered to create a mirror site.

George Soros and his puppet Alexis Tsipras have me in their crosshairs, not happy that I have been able to prove they are readers of my blog and formally accuse them of being behind murder attempts made against me on account of my journalism activities and the cover up.


The Areios Pagos ordered the investigation to be reopened into the original crime and cover up and so the show trial should be postponed. But police, prosecutors and judges in Larisa facing years in jail seem to be out of control. Who knows what trick they will pull?

I was told that essential witness Theoktisti was summoned to the police station in Ajia to day along with another witness. Hopefully, nothing happens to her either.

I hope that Trump, who will direct the Department of Defense to develop “a comprehensive plan to protect America’s vital infrastructure from cyberattacks, and all other form of attacks,” recognizes information is also vital for America and information sources, such as myself, can be attacked.

George Soros has already declared war against Trump, targetting his first 100 days and the midterm elections, according to Bild.

Soros held a meeting under the umbrella organization Democracy Alliance, which he founded in 2004, to discuss ways of stopping Trump.

Democracy Alliance has given 500 million dollars to fund Globalist politicians.

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