Barack Obama embroiled in Greek media censorship scandal during his visit to Athens

A journalist writing for a newspaper on the island of Chios has said that the Greek government pressured him to censor images of violence and riots from the Souda refugee hotspot one day before the visit of Barack Obama to Athens.

Journalist Pantelis Fikaris said that ministers called him to their office and threatened him said the government would not aid Chios authorities to deal with the problem of rioting migrants if he published images of violent migrants.

The revelation will come as an embarrassment to Barack Obama, who is trying to position himself as a champion of the free media fighting “fake news.”

What Obama really means, of course, by fake news is uncensored news.

Images of rioting migrants would have undermined Obama’s and the Globalist narrative that the unprecedented influx of migrants is a good thing for Greece and Europe.

In Chios rioting migrants shot fireworks at the houses of locals, damaged cars and burned their own tents.

It is to be assumed that Obama or his team put pressure on the Greek government to censor images at the time of his visit.

Prisonplanet reports

With the intention to censor independent media, President Obama is now spearheading the fervent assault on so-called “fake news.”

This war on “fake news” began after anti-Trump world leaders, heads of social media platforms and the mainstream press realized they lost the presidential election because they no longer had credibility and influence over the US population.

Obama made clear his desire to limit news reports by populist media at a press conference in Lima, Peru, on Sunday where he also defended the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“If, generally, we’ve got elections that aren’t focused on issues and are full of fake news and false information and distractions, then the issue is not going to be what’s happening from the outside; the issue is going to be what are we doing for ourselves from the inside,” he claimed. “The good news is that’s something that we have control over.”

These assertions come in conjunction with statements he made last week at a press conference in Germany alongside Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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